Mā te kotahitanga e whai kaha ai tātou – In Unity We Find Strength This issue brings together critical insights, experiences and journeys that each contribute to a heightened awareness and deeper understanding of the ways in which the notion of kotahitanga is given authentic, meaningful expression, specifically within the broader context of Te Whānau o Waipareira. Each article contained within this edition of Te Kura Nui o Waipareira (Issue III) represents a unique perspective in regards to kotahitanga and in fostering a greater awareness of the extent to which it is increasingly given expression across various whānau and community settings. Kotahitanga, at its core, is shaped around community-driven action. It is about the manifestation of unity – whānau supporting whānau, the wider community becoming unified by a critical sense of purpose, and a higher collective consciousness. Te Whānau o Waipareira continues to evolve delivery of its services, its research, and its strategic imperatives in order to provide the necessary support to ensure that every whānau is appropriately valued, acknowledged and empowered. Kotahitanga in action then, helps to nourish the physical, environmental, spiritual and divine repositories of mauri and mana. When kotahitanga is activated, mauri and mana coalesce, with each dimension duly enhanced, enriched and uplifted with a high degree of complementary and synergy. The ‘Waipareira Way’ has been and will always be about concern for our wider community, about ensuring that our whānau can and will flourish through embracing the virtues of kotahitanga as demonstrated so purposely by our tūpuna, our forebears. Te Whānau o Waipareira has continued to evolve the ways in which kotahitanga is expressed, to align with what is relevant across our communities, and to ensure that above all else, our whānau can flourish, strong in who they are, in where they are from, and in who they can become. This edition of Te Kura Nui o Waipareira adds another level of evidence-based outcomes to support the view that our kaumātua are flourishing, our pakeke are empowered to make a difference in the lives of our whānau and community, and our tamariki and mokopuna now have opportunities before them that will enable them to fulfill their true potential. The continued advancement and progression of Wai Research means that we now are able to collect wide ranging data and deep, informative insights that reflect to us an accurate and real time picture of that which is happening within our world and our community in the here and now. We invite you to join us for this, the very first peer reviewed edition of Te Kura Nui o Waipareira, Issue III. Utaina mai rā ko te kura nui, ko te kura roa, ko te kura whakatiketike o Te Whānau o Waipareira.


Nourishing and providing for the needs of our people and communities. Manaakitanga is considered here as a broad concept of nourishing or caring for individuals, whānau and communities physically, spiritually and/or culturally. It is where the mana of others is recognised and given due respect to the elevation or enhancement of all. This could be enacted through providing appropriate resources for best practice, or upholding Māori values and tikanga such as Te Reo; it could be reflected in the philosophy and practice of engaging individuals and whānau in programmes in a way that upholds their mana, or hosting with generosity with the aspiration of enabling better outcomes. For the second issue of Te Kura Nui o Waipareira, the idea of manaakitanga has guided the thinking around how this essential value is represented not merely in theory, but in approaches and practices of working with Māori whānau within frontline services, education, workforce development, research and outcomes measurement. The voices in this second issue are diverse in regards to the areas they represent, and the insights and journeys that are conveyed in the articles present new and unique examples of manaakitanga in action, reflections on work practice, as well as research-based insights and whānau experience of Whānau Ora frontline services. By inviting diverse voices and showing mutual respect for them Te Kura Nui o Waipareira engages in manaakitanga, and invites the readers to go on this journey and find ways to incorporate aroha, hospitality and respect in their practices.


Whanaungatanga speaks to the enduring relationship that Waipareira has built with the community over time, a relationship which has provided a sense of belonging to Urban Māori whānau who have historically been neglected by all levels of health, education and political sectors. Moreover, whanaungatanga speaks to the way in which Te Whānau o Waipareira Trust engages with the community, networks and collaborators where experiences are shared and which enables individuals to achieve better outcomes compared to acting in isolation.